David took our existing proposals and projects, and rewrote and reformatted the documents. With an eye for professional style and presentation, he was able to draw out the key points and align them to the interests of prospective donors. At the same time, he worked with fundraisers and our in-house comms team to create a new design which helped us move into the quiet phase of our new campaign. Pragmatic and innovative in a context of limited options and resources, he is highly recommended.

Robert Fleming
Director of Development, University of St Andrews

I had the pleasure of co-chairing two CASE Institutes with David and have collaborated with him in other capacities over the years – he brings a strategic focus to all his work, is creative whilst being analytical and above all, deeply committed to helping institutions take their alumni engagement programmes to new heights. He is collegial, funny and smart – a joy to work with!

Christine Fairchild
Director - Alumni Relations, University of Oxford

Leadership is about more than words and deeds. It is also about the power of the symbols you can create and control. David gets this, and helped me create new, authentic and high-profile ways to embody the mission and tradition of the University.

Professor Patrick O’Shea
President, University College Cork

I worked with David to create the supporter community around the newly established Cork University Business School. His tact, and personable and respectful demeanour put senior people at their ease, while his enthusiasm and insights into engagement helped bring their energy and networks into our mission.

Professor Thia Hennessey
Dean, Cork University Business School

The writing and design team David put together delivered a case for support that brought our philanthropic campaign to life – drawing together the projects, the copy, the photography, the visual style and the name in a way that gave the campaign an enduring and cohesive identity as well as a palpable new energy.

Professor Stuart Corbridge
Vice-Chancellor, Durham University

IMAGE CREDITS: 1. Professor Stuart Corbridge, Vice-Chancellor of Durham University. Source: TSP. This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license.

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